This clinic was a true group effort. Countless people gave us small or big monetary donations or remedies or other goods to make this happen. The good-heartedness and willingness of people to help was so touching that at times it almost made us cry. We would therefore like to thank everyone who contributed, in whichever way, in the name of the equally countless and unnamed Haitians who received help.

We used every single thing people donated, from Q-Tips to malaria pills to the water filter. While we cannot list and thank everyone here for this incredible group effort, we would like to extend special thanks to:

  • Flower Power herb store of Manhattan
  • Pharmacist Michel Marliangeas of Linards
  • Flower Essence Services of California, who kindly donated a large quantity of flower essence formulas
  • Dr. Edward Shalts
  • Vivien Williamson from Sun Essences, UK, has kindly donated a large quantity of flower essence combinations and creams, as well as a generous cash donation to pay the Haitian staff wages.
  • Flower Essence Services of California made another large donation of flower essence formulas.
  • Swanie Simon of Der Hof Drei Hunde Nacht donated a large quantity of essential oils and nutritional supplements.
  • Woodland Essence provided generous support.
  • Special thanks to Tony Pinkus of Ainworth Homeopathics, UK, for their generous support
  • And special thanks to Lili Chopra and the Gordon family for their repeated financial support