Pierro, our driver on whose porch we ran the clinic three times, reported that he did not meet one single person in his neighborhood who did not get cured as a result of what we gave them. People recovered from hypertension, asthma, vaginal infections etc., begging him to make us come back so they could get a refill for their sickness.

Oliama and Pierro told us that people were frightened of the clinic at first, worried that they would get force-vaccinated as they would by most free clinics. Haitians do not like vaccinations, because they observe how it makes them sick. They were delighted to hear that our clinic was naturopathic, and they loved the remedies we gave them. Many people first came and asked “do they do vaccinations here?” When we said no, they responded “good, then I will stay for a treatment.” People were asking where they could get homeopathics and essential oils in the future.

Oliama said that as a result of the clinic, he became more widely known, and people suddenly respected his skills. Many people consulted him as a result. This was the first time in his professional career that biomedical doctors had not tried to exploit him, but valued his tremendous skills.