We did it again!

Julia and Michelle in the ocean of suitcases Each year we wonder how on earth we could ever pull another clinic together, and then, thanks to so many small and great gestures of help from so many, there it is: another free clinic for 3,000 people, bringing our total to 21,000! So many donations arrive […]

A Fragrant Clinic

Time has come again to raise funds for our naturopathic clinic, which has offered free treatment to 18,000 impoverished Haitians since the catastrophic earthquake to date. All poised for the next trip in May to treat another 3,000, this year will be a special year in that we will have a fragrant clinic! After Julia […]

An Unscheduled Visit

Dear Friends, On the occasion of Jackie’s/Jinpa’s father’s sudden and peaceful passing two weeks ago, we had the possibility to already send some of the donated essential oils to Haiti. When Jackie reached Port-au-Prince, hundreds of people came by the house crying, because they thought that his father’s death meant the end of the Haiti […]

The Tale of an Epidemic

This particular trip to Haiti had quite a dramatic note. With the rapid spreading of the African mosquito-born chikungunya virus in the Caribbean, the clinic was flooded daily with cases of this severe high fever with excruciating body pains, which leaves victims with a feeling of paralysis. Seeing a flood of people as large as […]

Our Sixth Trip (May 2014)

As spring is unfolding, we are happy to announce the next Haiti clinic trip for May. We will be offering free natural health treatment for another 2,500 people, bringing the total of poor Haitians served by this tiny grassroots operation to a staggering 17,500! As always, we are just a few friends all chipping in […]